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Nutella thumbprint cookies
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Espresso, Hazelnut & Nutella Thumbprint Cookies

These Espresso, Hazelnut & Nutella Thumbprint Cookies are well dressed cookies that exquisitely combine Nutella, coffee, extra hazelnut & white chocolate.
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time12 mins
Total Time42 mins
Course: Baking, Cookies
Cuisine: American, British
Servings: 50


  • 180 g/ 61/2oz Unsalted butter (soft)
  • 180 g/ 61/2oz Caster sugar
  • 75 g/ 3oz Ground hazelnuts
  • 250 g/ 9oz Plain (all purpose) flour
  • 4 teaspoon Espresso powder
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • 1 Large egg
  • Nutella (about 3 tbsp)

Optional:75g/ 3oz white chocolate - chopped small


    • Begin by grinding the hazelnuts, if necessary
    • Grease & line several baking sheets with baking parchment
    • Next, put the butter and sugar into a large bowl and mix with electric beaters until pale and fluffy
    • Add the espresso powder, vanilla extract, ground hazelnuts and the egg. Using the beaters mix until everything is incorporated
    • Sift the flour into the bowl. Using a large, metal spoon, fold in the flour in until thoroughly combined
    • Form around 50 balls from the dough (each ball should weigh approx. 15g). Place the balls onto the baking sheets, leaving around 4cm between each ball (they spread a little during cooking)
    • Using your little finger, the end of a wooden spoon or the thumb of a small child :) make a deep hole in the centre of each ball. You may need to dip the utensil into some flour to prevent it sticking to the dough
    • Put the baking sheets into the fridge to chill for 11/2-2 hours. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180°C/ 350°F/ GM 4
    • At the end of the chill time, bake the cookies for around 12 minutes until beginning to turn golden
    • Allow to cool on the tray for a moment, then transfer to a cooling rack and allow to cool completely
    • Fill the hole with Nutella. You can either carefully spoon the Nutella in, using a very small spoon, or, like me, pipe it in for a neater finish.
    • (optional) Gently melt the white chocolate then drizzle it over the filled cookies. Allow the chocolate to set
    • Store in an airtight container for up to 1 week


    Ground hazelnuts are difficult to come by in the shops. You can make your own by blitzing them in a food processor or a coffee grinder. Go steady as it is easy to overdo it and end up with a clumpy, moist mass of ground nuts. If your processor has a pulse setting, then pulse for a second, then stop, assess the progress and pulse again if necessary. I had the best results when I processed the nuts in three batches of 25g in my coffee grinder. Aim for the consistency of ground almonds.